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Most members of BUMS Inc are Ordinary Members.  Check out the Benefits of being a BUM here. 

The easiest way to pay your fees is by using the link above.  Alternatively, you can pay in person at a jam by EFT or in cash.  Another way to pay is to deposit your payment into BUMS bank account and email your deposit slip to 

Our bank details are Westpac, BSB 034 077, Account 357310.


Apart from Ordinary Members, BUMS Inc has Associate Members and Life Members. 

Most people joining BUMS Inc will be Ordinary members.  They pay an annual fee of $60 for the twelve months starting on the day they pay the fee.  They can complete an online form on the website and submit it with their payment for acceptance by BUMS Inc.

BUMS Inc offers associate membership to ukulele players under 18 years of age (i.e. primary and secondary school students). Associate membership is free, but applicants must submit an associate member application form signed by a parent/carer. Contact the Secretary to arrange the paperwork.

The BUMS Inc Management Committee can reward members who have made a sustained and significant contribution to BUMS by making them Life Members.  They have all the same privileges as Ordinary Members, but their annual fee is waived for life.